Student Section

Highly qualified faculties are rendering dedicated and sincere service to cater the needs of the students not only in connection with curricular but also extra curricular Faculties.




The college has got a good library. It provides latest and up to date reference and course books for all the courses run by ANSH. A large number of National and International Journals, periodicals, newspapers and magazines are being subscribed with internet facilities also available for the students.


 A reading room attached to the library for in depth study. Students will be given borrower card while borrowing books this card should be signed by student as well as librarian. The student should produce their ID on entering the library. Taking reference books outside the library is not permitted. Delay in returning books will attract penalty. Perfect silence must be observed in the library hall.


 The whole library is computerized and has a good collection of video tapes, CD-ROMS and Audio cassettes on different subjects, makes the library unique.

Counseling and Career Development

Counseling and career development service provides assistance with students efforts to find a career/Life direction, to develop coping skills, and to gain a better understanding of self, others, and the world. The faculty and staff is ready to help in a self-career exploration that is part of the college experience.

Workshops and programs offered through faculty and staff allow students to explore areas such as selfassessment, conflict resolution, stress management, substance use and abuse, career planning and job search strategies. A variety of audio and self-help materials are available Full and part time job listings, employer information and a credential file service are available.


Monitoring of health of the students is done on routine basis. Regular check-ups are done to ensure fitness of the students. Nourishing and balanced diet is provided in the hostel. In case of illness, special medicare is available through medical experts. The college is also accomplished with well equipped sick room and ambulance with services available round the clock. In case of external student will be accompanied to the hospital.


College Campus as well as hostel has 24 hours ISD/STD/PCO booth to facilitate the students and staff of the college. In addition to it, the college also has facilities of xeroxing, fax, e-mailing and browsing internet.

Sports & Cultural

The College offers various types of sports and extra-curricular Faculties. All the students are encouraged to excel, and participate in programmes at the State and National levels. Inter Collegiate Literary competitions and other extra-curricular Faculties are also encouraged.

Recreation, Computer & Video Aids

A Recreation Hall is provided in the College with indoor games such a Table Tennis, Carrorns, Chess, Cable TV etc. All the students can avail computer knowledge. The computer facilities are updated and advanced to cover the latest developments in the world.

The College has arrangements to show video films on various subjects which are useful for the students.


Separate hostel for boys and girls is available, near to the college and security is provided. Students have to strictly - abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel.



Breakfast 7-00 am to 8-00 am
Lunch 1-00 pm to 2-00 pm
Evening tea 5-30 pm to 6-00 pm
Dinner 7-00 pm to 8-00 pm


Mess timings should be strictly followed. Taking food materials to the room is strictly prohibited and punishable. College has its own spacious mess to provide nutritious and purely vegetarian food to the students. Preparation of nonvegitarian food is strictly prohibited in the mess. The management of the college directly controls the mess Faculties. Breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner are served at respective timings.

Two way transportation is available from prominent locations at scheduled hours based on students' demand. Transport facilities for members of faculty, staff and also for visitors are available.